The international role of the euro remains unchanged after the last crisis : ECB review

This 11th annual review of "The international role of the euro" presents the main findings of the continued monitoring and analysis conducted by the ECB and the Eurosystem looking at the development, determinants and implications of the use of the euro by non-euro area residents. This review also examines in greater depth issues that have a bearing on the euro’s international role, the global currency order and the international monetary system (Part #1). This analysis is also  presented in the form of four special features (articles #2 to #5).


1. Recent developments in the international use of the euro.
2. Foreigners’ appetite for euro area securities during the sovereign debt crisis.
3. The Chinese dominance hypothesis and the potential emergence of a tripolar global currency system.
4. When did the US dollar overtake the Pound Sterling as the leading international currency? The “old view” versus the “new view”.
5. Was unofficial dollarization / euroisation an amplifier of the global crisis of 2007-09 in emerging economies?
6. Statistical annex.

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The 4th article, based on work by Chitu, Eichengreen and Mehl, and the 3rd one, based on work by Fratzscher and Mehl, bring new details on a topic familiar to the readers of Conscience Sociale ( How to replace the world trade reference currency ? ) ;  Part 1.3 proposes updated elements to the topic covered on this page : US Dollar (and Euro) as invoicing currency.
The whole review certainly deserves your strong attention.

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