The Japan Debt Dashboard

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Debt and Economic Dashboard of Japan
charts and data series

1. Main Aggregates for Japan Debt

Japan Total, Government and Private Debt (% GDP)   

General gov. gross debt as % of GDP (blue, lhs); General gov. gross debt in Yen tn. (red, rhs); Data serie since 1980; updated yearly

Official projection of general government gross debt (% GDP), till 2018; updated yearly

Gov. debt (% GDP) is lower than gov. gross debt above; 
Data serie 1885-2010 (note: axis labels are erroneous); source

Gov. debt (% GDP) is lower than gov. gross debt above; 
Data serie 1964-2008; source

Debt to GDP ratio: comparison of selected countries   

Japan: Debt maturity  

Source:, April 2011
(before the new QE program of BoJ)

Japan: Debt by sector   

Data serie 1980-2009

Data serie 1980-2007

Data serie 1980-2007
  • Comparison with the U.S. :
Data serie 1974-2009

Japan: gov. debt per worker   

Data serie 1993-2011

Japan: gross gov. debt 

Data serie 1965-2010

Japan and G10: Debt distribution (% GDP)   

Source, nov. 2011

Japan: combined central and local gov. debt (% GDP)   

Data serie 1980-2025 with estimates after 2011

2. Japan Debt Service and Budget

Japan: Debt service (% tax revenues)   

Data serie 1966-2010

Japan: Interest payments, rate, gov. debt amount   

Data serie 1975-2011

Japan: gov. budget deficit  (% GDP)

Data serie since 1960

Japan: gov. external debt

Data serie since 2002

Data serie since 1994

Japan: gov. expenditures   

Data serie 1965-2009

Japan: spending and tax revenue   

Data serie 1975-2009

Source; data serie 1975-2011

Source; data serie 1975-2010

Japan: balance of payments and current account balance  

Data serie 2000-2007

Japan Debt and deficits compared with selected countries, 2012   

3. Japan monetary policy and holding of government bonds

Abenomics : QE ad nauseam   

BoJ monetary base 2000-2014; Source

BoJ rate   

Data serie 1880-2010

Data serie since 1972; updated monthly

BoJ: monetary aggregates M0, M1, M2, M3

M0: Data serie since 1967; Updated monthly

Data series since 1955; Updated monthly

M3, total credit, monetary base, and Nikkei index YoY change rates; 
Data serie since 1990; updated monthly

Velocity of M2 Money Stock

Data series since 1959 and 1994; updated yearly and quarterly

It is calculated as the ratio of nominal GDP to the M2 money stock.

Japan 10Y Treasury yields and gov. debt to GDP

Japanese Treasury Bills yield (blue, lhs) and Japanese debt to GDP (red, rhs); Data serie since 1955; Updated monthly

Japanese Gov. bond yield (blue), Japanese Treasury Bills yield (red), and Spread (green); Data serie since 1967; Updated monthly

Data serie since 08/2012 (implied yield); updated daily

JGB: yields, holdings

Japan: holding of gov. debt   

The holdings of JGBs by Japan’s banks equate to 900 % of their tier one capital, compared with about 25 % for UK banks’ exposure to gilts and 100 % for US banks’ exposure to US Treasuries.
More than 90 % of JGB are held by japan domestic institutions.
Source, data published 12/2012.

The BoJ held Y105 tn of government bonds at the end of September 2012, or 11.1 % of the total. Overall, Japan’s government debt climbed 3 % compared with a year earlier to Y948 tn.

Japan: holding of gov. bonds by foreign investors   

Data serie 2003-2011

Foreign Japanese government bond (JGB) holdings were up 11 % at the end of September 2012 compared with a year earlier. Both the amount and the share of the total, which rose 0.4 percentage points to 9.1 %, were records. 
At the end of 2011, 45 % of U.S. Treasury bonds were owned by foreigners, while the comparable figure for U.K. Gilts was 32 % (Source), and more than 70% of the Australian Commonwealth bond market is in foreign hands (source, 06/2013).

Holding of Yen paper by foreign investors   

Japan: foreign exchange reserves   

Data serie since 1957; updated monthly

Japan Yen / US Dollar exchange rate and Nikkei 225  

Data serie 1971 - 01/2013

Data serie since 1996; updated daily

Comparison of Nikkei 225, Dow, Nasdaq, S&P500 evolutions for 6 months; updated daily

4. Japan income growth, investment and savings

Japan: income growth components   

Data serie 2000-2007

Japan: outward and inward direct investment   

Data serie 1985-2007

Japan: gross national savings and household gross saving rate   

Data serie 1980-2008

Japan: household investment   

Japan: Annual savings and savings rate   

Data serie 1980-2007

Japan: population and property prices     

Population growth YoY; Data serie 1950-2010

Japan: employed persons

Data serie since 1954; updated monthly

Japan: annual hours worked per employed person

Data serie since 1970; discontinued

Japan: labor force participation rate

Data serie since 1970; discontinued

Japan: consumer price index (general) and inflation rate  

Data serie since 1970; discontinued

Data serie since 1958

Japan: consumer price index (housing) and Japan housing index

Data serie since 1970, updated yearly

Data serie since 1960

Japan: production of total industry and capacity utilization

Data serie since 1956, updated monthly

Data serie since 1968

Japan: business confidence

Data serie since 1983

Japan: consumer spending

Data serie since 1994

5. Others indicators

Support system for oldests: Holding of JGBs, Bank lending and deposits, savings  


10 years of QE: Japan Consumer Prices, Gov. Debt, Interest Payments, 10Y JGB (2000-2012)


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