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MHD would allow warfare's paradigm change... instead of civilisation change.

Source: JP Petit
 Mach 5 : here is the first public test of hypersonic weapons by the Pentagon. (See also refs BBC,, After MHD torpedoes, hypersonic missiles are changing the way warfare can be done. It's like being before or after V2 missiles strike in 1944. But this has not prevent the german third reich empire to breakdown just few months after.

This field test is not described as using MHD technology, but using a rocket launcher and a glide effect. If MHD could be confirmed, it will announce for the next few years operationnal MHD based hypersonic aircraft fighters and drones, as it is already planned for hypersonic gliders used as drones

MHD is a scientific revolution, and also by far the biggest US counter intelligence operation of the last 50 years. This scientific breach was totally blocked and only military research was allowed. All these facts were described in scientific details since decades by Dr JP Petit in many books like "Ovnis et armes secrètes américaines".

This was not the only possible way... use of MHD technology could have been civil oriented, with a revolutionary impact on carbon reduction, energy production and in short the way in which any transport can be performed. We can still ask for this. This is our democratic duty, before it is too late. Let's start using Euroland's current new democratic refoundation to enforce this direction.

Note: the previous Mach 20 experiment in August is neither described  as using MHD technology. It is also described as a simple glider on the uppest layers of the atmosphere.