Google Reader's survival kit

Google has revamped his RSS Reader today.
The most disturbing choice, apart from the awful new low constrast grayed unique look & feel, is the immediate interruption of Reader sharing service, now fused with Google Plus... but this one does not even offer a RSS output ! Is it a dead end for automatic sharing ?
And your Google Reader's shared items list has disappeared :(

Here is some tricks to let you share again with :
  • clik on +1 at the bottom of an article in GReader, or use "share on Google+" button if you are using SGplus extension
  • Click into the comment zone then Share button : this link is shared into your G+ Stream
  • convert your Google+ Stream into a RSS feed : use Yahoo's Dapper for that, and choose the RSS feed export format. Use your own stream URL (https://plus.google.com/your_id/posts), select successively the 2 correct zones in the shown page to record the title and then the text content of your new feed. You will group them together in a subsequent step. The whole procedure is somewhat long but the result is ok.
  • be sure to click on  "update service" blue button located in the right at the last step; 
  • copy the resulting (very long) RSS link displayed with the small RSS icon at the right bottom 
  • in Google Reader, use the subscribe button and paste your URL, click ok.
  • an empty item list could be displayed ; don't take care and look for the name of your RSS at the end of the RSS list (left panel). Click on it : the correct item list of your shared feed should be displayed !
About the RSS feed associated with your labels, now they can only be found with a clic on the small arrow near the label (left panel), then "view details and statistics".

Ouf !

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