Euroland : consumers are rushing into gold investment

The World Gold Council has just released their updated Gold Trends for Q3 2011.
Europe is the best-in-class region about gold investment, back to a 1990 world share (click to enlarge) :

And France is the best-in-class country about the y/y Q3 growth in gold investment with 1533% growth !

This result is confirmed by the 12 months ended Q3 2010 total vs 12 months ended Q3 2011 total. But the french market can become much larger if we compare it with neighboring countries :

Euroland countries are leading a huge trend into physical gold investment since 2008. See the aggregated 10 years historical data :

And 2011 will certainly be higher than 2010 : the total for the first nine months are just below the full 2010 year. Note also the much lower ratio of ETF in 2010. 

US citizens are reported to be more interested into silver this year compared to 2008. This is also a sign that consumers investment capacity has sharply decreased in this country.

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