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Euro Area, Eurozone macroeconomic indicators, charts and data series

Sources of the charts : ECB,, MarkIt

Current account balance in selected euro area countries (% of GDP) : the fiscal convergence 

Source: data Eurostat, charts Real-World Economic Review; April 2013

Source: EC European Economic Forecast Spring 2012




GDP in prices, EA-18; data serie updated quarterly

Data serie between 1960 and 2011, in US $, yearly data

Data serie,1995-2014, in euros, updated quaterly

Same data serie, QoQ % change 

GDP per capita 1960-2011 (US$)

Real GDP for Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain (rhs), Italy (rhs), Iceland (rhs); 
Data series since 1995; updated quarterly 

CISS systemic financial stress index 

Source: ESRB

Government deficit or surplus, as a % of GDP (1999-today) 

Updated quarterly, with 2Q lag.

Government Debt, as a % of GDP 

Data series since 1970

Data series since 1990

Euro area general gov. debt to GDP between 1991 and 2010; yearly data

Euroarea-17 general gov. debt to GDP, 2000-2013; quarterly data

Euroarea-19 general gov. debt to GDP since 2006; Updated quarterly

Outstanding Domestic Public Debt Securities to GDP for Euro Area till 2011; yearly data

This is the total amount of domestic public debt securities (amounts outstanding) issued in domestic markets as a share of GDP. It covers long-term bonds and notes, treasury bills, commercial paper and other short-term notes.

Outstanding International Public Debt Securities to GDP for Euro Area till 2011; yearly data

Total credit market Debt, as a % of GDP (1995-2012) 

Euro Area Government spending, € billion (1995-today) 

Euroarea-19; Updated monthly with 2 months lag.

Source: Eurostat, April 2013

EA-19, since 2000; monthly data
Updated monthly with 1 month lag.

Data series since 1999


Updated quarterly ; includes debt assets and debt liabilities.

EFSF for Euro Area, interest rate

Data serie since 2011

M1, M2, M3 for Euro Area and velocity

Data series since 1970, updated monthly

M3 since 1980, updated monthly

Data series since 1999

US Dollar / Euro exchange rate (1999-today)

Data serie since 1999

Yen / Euro exchange rate

Data serie since 1999

Nominal trade effective exchange rate of the Euro

Euro area-17 countries vis-a-vis the EER-20 group of trading partners (AU, CA, DK, HK, JP, NO, SG, KR, SE, CH, GB, US, BG, CZ, LV, LT, HU, PL, RO and CN) :

Data serie, 06/1993-12/2013; updated daily

Nominal effective exchange rates of the euro, based on weighted averages of bilateral euro exchange rates against 19 trading partners of the euro area; data serie updated daily

Euro area balance of trade (1999-today)

Euro area economic sentiment indicator 

Data serie since 1985 with 3 months lag

Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) for EU and EuroArea; Data series since 01/1990; updated monthly; Source: EC

Euro area, EU27, Japan, US official unemployment rates 

Data serie 2000-2012

Data serie 01/1994 - 07/2013

EA-17; Data serie between 1990 and 12/2013; monthly data

EA-19; data serie since 1998


NET INFLOWS (BOP; US DOLLAR); Data serie since 1967

EA-19; data serie since 2009
Outward stocks of FDI, EU-27, end 2010

Loans to private sector 

Data serie since 1991

Comparison of PMI indexes for Eurozone, US, China, India 
between 2009 Q2 and 2012 Q3 :

 Capacity Utilization

Data serie since 1985

 Industrial Production

In Euro Area, industrial production measures the output of businesses integrated in industrial sector of the economy such as manufacturing, mining, and utilities.

Data serie since 1991

 Consumer Confidence (updated monthly, with the maximum duration available)

Data serie since 1985

Data serie since 1972

Data serie since 1991

Data serie since 2004

Data serie since 1982

Data serie since 1997

Data serie since 1988

Data serie since 1987

Data serie since 1996

Data serie since 1985

Data serie since 1996

Data serie since 1997

Data serie since 1996

Others countries, not into Euro Area:
Data serie since 1981

Data serie since 1967

Data serie since 1996

Data serie since 2004

Data serie since 2011

Data serie since 1991

Data serie since 2009

 Others indicators

Euro zone indicators page on

Euro zone indicators page by NY Fed, and by FRED

Euro zone indicators page on

Principal Global Indicators

* GFMAG Economic database

* EC European Economic Forecast spring 2013

* AMECO, the annual macro-economic database of the European Commission's Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs

* CMAVision's Sovereign Risk Report, updated quarterly

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