Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq

Looking closely at the official figures of airstrikes in Syria or Iraq, we can say that by December 16, 2015 Russia military forces will have conducted more airstrikes in Syria since 09/30/2015 than the whole international coalition led by U.S. (including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, UK, Bahrain, Canada, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE) will have conducted in Syria and Iraq since 09/22/2014 - starting more than a year before Russia.

US-led coalition military forces conducted less than 7 airstrikes per day in Syria since 09/22/2014, on average.

Russia is conducting on average more than 111 airstrikes per day in Syria. From 09/30/2015 to 12/4/2015 Russian military forces have conducted 3,561 sorties and destroyed 7,334 targets.

From 09/30/2015 to 12/25/2015 Russian aviation has conducted 5,240 sorties in Syria, including 145 sorties by long-range aviation. More than 10,610 targets were destroyed.

Sources of data: wikipedia, defense.gov.
For a summary of figures and references, read :

Updated 2/5/2016 :
- US-led coalition is reporting the number of damaged or destroyed targets in addition to the number of strikes. When available, we compare numbers of destroyed targets.
- As of Feb. 3, the U.S. and coalition have conducted a total -since 09/22/2014- of 10,113 strikes (6,763 Iraq / 3,350 Syria).
  • U.S. has conducted 7,753 strikes in Iraq and Syria (4,611 Iraq / 3,142 Syria)
  • Rest of coalition has conducted 2,360 strikes in Iraq and Syria (2,152 Iraq / 208 Syria)
- Report on January 15: Since September 30, the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria have made 5,662 sorties, including 145 sorties made by strategic missile and long-range bomber aviation. The Russian military have also carried out 97 launches of sea-based and air-based missiles.
On January 15-18 Russia’s warplanes have made 157 sorties destroying 579 terrorist targets.
On January 25-31 Russian aviation made almost 470 sorties and attacked more than 1,350 targets.
On February 1-4 Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces made 237 sorties and attacked 875 targets of terrorist organizations.

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