Gold Reserves Repatriations

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Sovereign Gold Reserves Repatriations and Audits :
a summary

1. History

France and General de Gaulle

Conférence de Presse du Général de Gaulle, Palais de l’Elysée,
4 Février 1965 (transcription)

Trust and gold reserves

ROB KIRBY, 11/12/2009: 

Conscience Sociale, 05/08/2011
Le nerf de la guerre monétaire

Conscience Sociale, 10/24/2012
Monetary war : from sovereign debt to sovereign gold

Conscience Sociale, 01/17/2013
Gold, the renminbi and the multiple-currency reserve system

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Les banquiers centraux et leurs émotions

Conscience Sociale, 10/23/2013
L'implosion du marché COMEX et la désaméricanisation du monde

Conscience Sociale, 03/25/2014
The golden age of our times is the age of gold

Rob Kirby , 05/28/2014 :
“We are seeing cracks in the trust that, five years ago, there was no questioning the ownership or custody of sovereign metals stored at the Bank of England or the U.S. Federal Reserve; and, now, we’re seeing countries are questioning and want reassurances. There’s been a breakdown in trust (between central banks). . . This is now a distinct pattern, and I expect it will accelerate as time goes on.”

2. Gold Repatriations and Audits

Gold Repatriation Efforts: a long process, now quickly accelerating the following european countries: (with link to the original news and current status of the ongoing process)

Switzerland : one a the very few true democracy in the world, has voted 11/30/2014 to repatriate their sovereign gold (among others things).

Poland :

Germany : 69 t so far ; in 2013 : 5t repatriated from NY, 32 t from France ; planned to be completed by 2020 ; but according to Bloomberg Germany suddenly changed position.

Italy : published statistics

Sweden : published statistics

... in the rest of the world:

Venezuela : completed

Ecuador : but now it has accepted to lease half of his gold (14.5 t) to Goldman Sachs

Mexico :

The confiscation of citizens' gold by US government in 1933

Click here to track the total of official foreign gold deposits held at the NY Fed.

Sovereign gold lootings 

Iraq : references 1, 2

Libya : references 1, 2, 3

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