How to redeem very large amounts of U.S. Treasury bonds ?

 Official figures from central banks reserves and US Treasury record only authentic U.S. Treasury bonds, and not of course the many US$ trillion in "fake, counterfeited, forged, bogus, fictitious or fraudulent" U.S. Treasury bonds.
Given the ever growing amount of US Treasury, we must ask ourselves what exactly happen when a creditor like a foreign country needs to redeem large amounts of U.S. Treasury bonds that have come to maturity.

These bonds or gold certificates can have a very large face value, and the way to redeem them can be extraordinary complex, because of the  process to prove the bonds authenticity. Read the following references for some recent events :
If so... I wonder how many US$ trillion Treasury bonds are currently fake and will never been redeemed ? Or said differently : what is the difference between i) real sovereign bonds when the state is defaulting and ii) very large amounts of sovereign bonds declared as fake by the issuing state only, when the quality of the forged bearer bonds is so meticulous that they “are indistinguishable from the real ones” ?


The answer is quite simple : it is not a matter of true or false, fake or real. It is a matter of justice, and how this justice operates. Only the justice system can explain in front of the whole society what was perceive as real yesterday but is fake today, or considered false yesterday and is now true. This is where democracy is improving : by the exercise of rights. A case classified without continuation, without explanation, or only with an abrupt decision from executive branch is the mark of a feeble, weak, undermined democracy, and this means the citizens will exercise less and less freedom. Because freedom is never a static concept: either a people succeed to get more and more freedom, or it fails as a society and then loose more and more freedom, day after day. We cannot consider separately liberty, freedom and justice. 

This is why it is crucial to follow a very intriguing lawsuit PACER : Case # 1:11-cv-08500 Document 1 filled 11/23/2011 as Civil Action located in U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York. The Treasury bonds of the Chiasso financial smuggling case mentioned above and the Dragon Family are discussed in the full text of the original lawsuit (available here) and it deserves our attention : US$ 1.1 trillion are claimed.

The existence of this lawsuit makes this case totally different from usual news about fake Bonds or Treasury Notes like the ones which have suddenly flourished since the Chiasso seizure:
The first designated judge for the Civil Action #8500 mentioned above has been John F. Keenan (do not be confused with the plaintiff Neil Francis Keenan) then Ronald L. Ellis then Richard J. Holwell, 64 years old who "retired" suddenly 03/02/2012 one week before initial conference as explained in the civil docket... and opened his own law firm few weeks later :
03/02/2012 – MEMORANDUM TO THE DOCKET CLERK: REMINDER : The conference scheduled for 3/9/11 at 10:30 a.m., “is adjourned sine die.” Before the Honorable: Richard J. Holwell U.S.D.J. in courtroom 17-B 500 Pearl Street NYC. Due to the Judges Retirement. All conferences are being rescheduled and an alternate conference date will be set in the near future. Any problems please fax request to chambers : – FAX : ( 212 805- 7948 ) Any problems please use e-mail : William Donald This my e-mail address –William_Donald at nysd.uscourts.gov, Courtroom Deputy – 212 805- 0122. (jfe) Modified on 3/2/2012 (jfe). (Entered: 03/02/2012)
[The clerk wrote 3/9/11 instead of 3/9/12 obviously.]
Judge Holwell seems to have been replaced 16th of April, 2012 by Judge Jesse M. Furman, the brother of Jason Furman, a Deputy Director of the National Economic Council.
One of the defendant named in this case is Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy in 2009... who decided suddenly just a few days ago to try to be elected again Prime Minister of Italy, and forced Monti to resign.
If Berlusconi is elected in the next weeks, do you think he will cooperate fully openly with the US and Italian justice during this lawsuit ? Can we really call Italy regime a democracy if Berlusconi's election occurs, or will it be a fake one ?

The financial implications of any part of those securities being legitimate has so far only been very little discussed by BloombergSeekingAlpha (06/2009) and the italian catholic newspaper Avvenire (02/2012). This is yet a concern for all of us, not only for US citizens. But it is certainly another mark of the extraordinary feeble of all our mainstream media that this case is simply not discussed by them, because the financial aspect is only the beginning of the story. Don't you think it deserves much more attention than O.J. Simpson's or any other commonly TV broadcast trial ? Because of the time and social dimensions of this case, it is necessary for us to engage mainstream media to fill their social obligations like do JM Le Ray, and not just to call them fake media. 

Update 13/12/2012 :
Another similar lawsuit, for 750 billion U.S. Treasury 1934 bearer bonds :
... but this dismissal does not bring any new light upon the authenticity (or not) of the bonds !

Update 1/2/2013 :
Added some pictures, new links and small details.

Update 1/5/2013 :
Starting December 8, 2012, Dr. Valentin Katasonov, chairman of the S.F. Sharapov Russian Economic Society, summarized the discussion in a three-part article "Dragon Family Gold" and US Federal Reserve System (part 1; part 2; part 3).
Remark: Katasonov mentioned at the end Benjamin Fulford's blog post in April 2012 disassociating himself from the Dragon Family supporters, but do not forget another comment published few hours later from the same author which explains clearly it was not the case and why.

Update 1/7/2013 :
The origin of the certificates and bonds in Keenan's case is the claimed existence of huge amount of asian gold (hidden during 'Operation Lys d'Or' (Golden Lily) and/or during the Civil War in China between 1927 and 1934), then transferred to the USA for deposit. This story has some similarities with 'Moscow Gold' aka the transfer of gold in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War.

Update 1/18/2013 :
Keenan voluntary dismissed his original lawsuit 27th of June, 2012. But the full story is still not explained: what about the previously obscure parts of History revealed ? If you think these bonds are authentic, discussions are ongoing behind closed doors now. Or others more complex lawsuits are in preparation: Keenan has produced others specific legal documents called Liens... 

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