Fitch rating agency has downgraded several europeans countries last friday. 
But what is the consequence on the eurozone block of countries ? 
And how to put theses ratings into perspective, how do they compare from each other ?
These are the goals of the new Conscience Sociale's Transparent Composite Rating. We have taken the ratings of the 4 major rating agencies in the world, determined a very  simple numeric value from "AAx"-style grade, and calculated their mean for each country.
And we have also taken the opportunity to calculate the rating of Euroland block as a whole, for the first time.
Using the spreadsheet link, you will be able to  to sort data the way you prefer simply by clicking above on column id [A-L then Sort sheet...] (do not click on column labels).

We expect from this new rating to allow much more transparent comparisons between countries for everybody, and also to demonstrate that we are much stronger all eurozone countries when we are considered all together. This is for sure the sense of the current european history,  but it must also be understood by the largest number of people in 2012, in this year of presidential election.

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  1. Je viens de voir que cette idée de notation composite de l'euroland a en fait été initiée par Discotonio sur le forum bulle-immobilière.org en 12/2009, mais limitée à l'agence Fitch (et en présentant un historique de la notation).