US public debt to GDP ratio is 115 % !

 If you take the total public debt outstanding  (daily published) and the annual or quaterly GDP in chained 2005 dollar (bea.gov), the current ratio is not 101% as reported by ZeroHedge but 115% ! And the observed trend is linear since 2009 : the ratio increases by +0.82% each month, much higher than the slope before 09/2008. This is a clear sign of an economy under massive perfusion by debt monetization.
Who said it's a zombie economy ?

I have analyzed the mathematical trend of these data in another article.
Update 05/25: You can find a longer data serie directly on FRED :

data serie since 1966, in % of GDP, chained 2005 dollar; updated quarterly

Update 10/05 : I add below an extract from the dedicated page about US Debt.

1Year data serie, in % of GDP, chained 2005 dollar; updated quarterly

You read it correctly : figure for 2012Q3 is nearly 118 % (and growing) !!

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