Global supply and demand trend to its lowest since 27 years (Baltic Dry Index)

 We are following the Baltic Dry Index since 2008. This composite index gives insight in global supply and demand trends. The small picture to the left is a 1 year chart updated weekly.
Financial News has recently published a report about its trend since 1 year.

But the situation is even worse : the Baltic Dry Index has reached this week its lowest since 1985 (the year this index was first published) at 647 points, even lower than the previous low at 663 points in december 2008, or in december 2001.

(clic to enlarge the picture)

Handy Shipping Guide has published this week an in-depth article about this multi-decades record low as well as Bloomberg (when the index was at 662 points, its lowest since 1986 - now the index has reached even lower to 647), and businessweek.

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