Cover up that MINT, which I can’t endure to look on

 The BRICS are a very concrete and current example that the economy is actually only a facet or a mask artificially stuck on politics. The rhetoric that carries each of them is however built on the opposite. Let’s summarize the approaches and see how and why the acronym MINT (Mexico Indonesia Nigeria Turkey) is trying to emerge today, together with BRICS bashing.
An economist looks in the rear mirror (that is to say in the past) at quantifiable results from “economic actors” therefore reduced to a brief quantification, then sets up what he deems to be a representative image of some salient aspects and uses elements of a doxai so that he can draw his conclusions on the assessment of the moment. If he dares then to talk about the future, it is in order to point out the economic policies which should according to him be deployed as a consequence of this assessment, and of the principles arising from his doxai.
You can read the full article on Euro-BRICS web site.

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